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Hi there! The name's William. I'm 17, and currently live in California. This is just another personal blog dedicated mostly toward my love for comic books and video-games. Things to know! I hate Batman, (Bruce Wayne) but I love Batman Beyond. (Terry McGinnis) My top 3 favorite Heroes / Anti-Heroes are, Deadpool, Spider-Man, and Cyclops. Can't forget about the vigilantes! Top three favorites are Batman Beyond, Nightwing, and Red Robin. Also, no. I'm not a generic god damn, Deadpool fan. I actually love his comics with a burning passion, they always seem to leave me with a lower IQ every time I finish them. Other than that, I'm pretty lame. TL;DR: Batman fucking sucks, Hail Hydra.

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this is a review for bioshock

Just a little hungry - a wallpaper I madehttp://daily-superheroes.tumblr.com/

X-Men Legacy 248 (2008)
Age of X Aftermath
Mike Carey & Mico Suayan

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Wolverine raising X-23 by Nolife-Edi

taken from Deadpool #52
art by Ale Garza

Wolverine - Fan Art
Created by Mauricio Herrera (El-Grimlock)

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Black Cat: Lets go catch a goblin

Cap’s Dead. You’re going to have to accept that.

You telling me, or yourself?

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Superwoman: I just love men in red if ya know what I mean


 Favorite Women in Marvel: X-23

Cloned from the mutant Wolverine, X-23 was made to be the perfect weapon. With adamantium-coated claws on both hands and feet, a healing factor, and heightened senses, she more than lived up to that promise. Becoming one of the world’s most sought after assassins while still only a teenager, X-23 has been forced to kill by numerous organizations throughout her life.

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Batman: I dare you Arthur
Aqua Lantern, it’s all over you guys. We lost. He can control fish and the anything he puts his mind too. We’re all dead now.